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What Do to When Your Vehicle Strikes a Power Pole

What to do if a vehicle strikes a power pole

Do you know what do to when your vehicle strikes a power pole and has taken down a power line?

Unfortunately, this is often overlooked, as it’s not commonly covered in driver safety courses or DMV handbooks.

Shockingly, hundreds of deaths occur every year due to a lack of awareness about electrical safety following auto accidents.

Do you or your loved ones know how to react when a vehicle collides with a utility pole and takes a power line down with it?

Despite its infrequency, thousands of motor vehicle accidents involving utility poles happen annually. In such situations’, prioritizing safety is crucial.

Tips on What to Do

The recommended action is to remain inside your vehicle. If your vehicle, or one nearby you, strikes a power pole and you can see downed power lines, stay inside the vehicle. Exiting the vehicle can expose you to the risk of electrical shock. Instead, stay in your vehicle and promptly dial 911 for assistance. The only circumstance in which you should consider leaving the vehicle is if it’s on fire.

If your vehicle is on fire, it’s advised to exit the vehicle by jumping out with both feet landing on the ground simultaneously. Shuffle quickly and moving far away from the vehicle. Alert others to keep a safe distance from your vehicle until the electrical current is shut off.

Keep in mind that the ground itself could be energized and exercise extreme caution. During such situations, people might not immediately consider the potential dangers of electricity.

Understanding these safety measures can be a matter of life and death.

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