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Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare for Unforeseen Power Outages 

Prepare for Unforeseen Power Outages

As winter approaches, it’s essential to prepare for unforeseen power outages. Power Outages can occur from weather damage in a storm or when a plow comes through and takes out a power pole. Either way, it is best to take this into account and prepare so you do not find yourself in a sticky situation.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe, comfortable and prepare for unforeseen power outages during the chilly months.

1. Create an Emergency Kit: Be sure it includes…

  • Flashlights: check to be sure the ones you have work
  • Batteries: if you use rechargeables, make sure they have a charge 
  • Blankets: make sure that if the temperatures drops you have enough to stay warm 
  • Non-perishable food: this can be the difference between a hungry tummy, and a happy one
  • A car charger: to keep your phone charged when the power is out, so you have emergency contact
  • A first aid kit: be sure it is stocked with plenty of useful things like gauze and cleaner
  • Gas: if the electricity is out, the gas pumps will not work so best to have some on hand

These will all come in handy if the power goes out and help you to be prepared.

2. Winterize Your Home:

Insulate windows and doors to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Seal any gaps or cracks to conserve energy.

3. Backup Heating:

If you rely on electricity for heating, consider investing in alternative heating sources like a wood-burning stove for backup heat.

4. Generator:

Consider purchasing a generator for extended power outages, but use it safely and in a well-ventilated area.

5. Stock up on Water:

If you have a municipal water supply, your water taps will keep flowing in the event of a power outage. But if you rely on well water, you’re not so lucky—the well pump won’t work without electricity. Be prepared and stock up on at least a gallon of water per person per day.

6. Stay Informed:

Monitor local weather reports and stay connected with emergency services for updates on power outages and safety information. Read here for some more tips on how to Prepare for Unforseen Power Outages.

By taking these precautions, you can better prepare for the challenges during an outage that winter may bring, ensuring your safety and comfort in the colder months. 

Stay warm, stay safe, and be ready for whatever winter throws your way.

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