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Solutions & Services

Solutions & Services

For over 15 years, Phoenix Loss Control has specialized in one thing: Outside Plant Damage (“OSP”) recovery.

Our clients report damages to us, either over the phone (24/7 to our live dispatch team) or through our proprietary Mobile Reporting Service ("MRS")

Phoenix will dispatch an investigator to the damage site within 2-48 hours

Our intake team will work to determine the responsible party, the damage costs, and invoice the claim

Outside Plant Damage Recovery

Phoenix Loss Control has extensive experience in OSP recovery.

For 15 years, we have been working with some of the largest cable, telecom, and utility providers in the United States, delivering to them an end-to-end, turnkey solution for recovering third party damages to their outside plant infrastructure. It all happens in six simple steps.

Our recovery agents will work to recover damages from the invoiced party

For hard to recover claims, Phoenix's Integrated Legal Services ("ILS") agents utilize escalated means to pursue invoiced parties, including, if necessary, litigation

Upon successful recovery, Phoenix remits recovered damages to our clients, while retaining our contingency fee payment

Damage Negotiations

Recently Phoenix has begun a new line of service: Damage Negotiations. Phoenix will negotiate claims on behalf of invoiced damagers.

Contractors, homeowners and other parties receive invoices for damages for which they may not be liable, or which contain inflated costs

PLC will work with such parties to defend them

Unlike a lawyer or consultant, PLC does not charge retainers or other up front fees for our negotiations work. We get paid a percentage of the savings we generate

Auditing Services

Phoenix Loss Control will audit invoices for construction and installation activities performed by our clients contractors.

Subscriber Restoration Services

When your installer has caused damage to the subscribers property, call Phoenix for investigation and repair services.

Our Proprietary Systems

FIREBIRD Claims Tracking System

Our Claims Tracking System (“CTS”) is our in-house, proprietary database storing all information on our client’s claims.  It is available to our clients 24/7 via remote portal.

FIREBIRD Mobile Reporting Service

Reporting damages is easy using our Mobile Reporting Service (“MRS”). MRS is Phoenix’s custom built online platform for clients to report damages on. 

FIREBIRD Secure Storage Vault

Our Secure Storage Vault (“SSV”) securely stores all locate data related to client damage claims, including photos.

Total Rewards Progam

Our Tech Rewards Program (“TRP”) rewards our client’s field technicians for reporting damages to us Phoenix, using a points based system.