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Outside Plant Damage OSP

Outside Plant Damage?

If you have Outside Plant damage due to third party damage, we have the solution to recover your damages. With Phoenix Loss Control, you take care of keeping service running smoothly while we take care of the parties responsible for the damage. No upfront costs and swift action! Click HERE to learn about our solutions and services. Follow us on LinkedIn!

As we dive into budget season, how have damages affected you this year?

Utility companies lose BILLIONS annually due to third-party damages. Phoenix Loss Control assists by recovering and protecting utilities, considering factors like damage extent, location, and costs. They aim to safeguard, recover, and restore utilities, emphasizing transparency. Clients incur no upfront costs, paying upon successful recovery. In a budget-focused world, it’s crucial to address infrastructure damage’s financial impact. Read more here on how damages impact businesses. Phoenix Loss… Read More »As we dive into budget season, how have damages affected you this year?



You’re tasked with optimizing budgets and mitigating losses. Have you considered the financial impact of outside plant damages to your infrastructure, whether from competitors or public incidents? We specialize in outside plant damage recovery, and our services are designed to bring these lost funds back into your budget. THERE ARE ZERO COSTS TO YOU – WE GET PAID WHEN YOU GET PAID WE HANDLE THE… Read More »DAMAGES IMPACTING YOUR BUDGET…